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e confidently stand behind every LED Solution we provide because we only offer the highest quality LED products to our customers. A sample of every LED component we carry is carefully disassembled and tested on our in-house R&D work bench. This allows our experts to inspect the product construction for factors such as quality borosilicate glass lens (not cheap plastic), proper heat dissipation, proper design, layout, and robust construction to ensure exceptional performance and maximum product life.

Cost Effective Custom Application Design

Our LED lighting and control systems can be customized to fit nearly any application; from completely off-grid solar area lighting to intelligent lighting systems which use dimmers, photocells, and occupancy sensors to ensure lights are only in use when necessary to save even more on your monthly energy bill.
Our LED expert will evaluate your location, speak to you about your goals, and present you with a solution which will minimize costs while maximizing energy efficiency and system longevity. Contact us today to get started.

Recycling of Replaced Products

Ortiz Led Solutions can help you to properly dispose replaced lighting parts that contain hazardous materials such as fluorescent ballast and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) from your lighting project. It is a violation in the State of California to improperly dispose of these items. We can help with this process at a minimal cost to ensure you and your company are in complete compliance.

Free Maintenance and Staff Training

Our team is dedicated to helping customers improve their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and their monthly energy expenditures. Ortiz LED Solutions understands that going green involves so much more than replacing outdated energy wasting lighting options. We offer free training to maintenance and staff members to aid them in discovering the habits and techniques which will help your business get the most out of your investment and achieve efficiency through green best practices.

Professional Installation

The experts at Ortiz LED Solutions have been working with professionals in the lighting and electrical industry for decades. We provide complete installation services performed by licensed electricians that meet regulations and exceed expectations. Contact us for more information about installation services available in your area.

Commercial Financing and Leasing

We provide LED lighting solutions which save our customers significant amounts of money on their monthly energy bills. Ortiz LED Solutions offers flexible financing programs administered through an independent third party agent. We can help you finance up to 100% of your LED lighting project. Financing packages can include: LED lighting products, recycling of replaced products, installation and design.

  • No Down Payment
  • Lease Payments May Be Tax Deductible
  • Your business line of credit or working capital is not touched to finance your LED project
  • Payments based on your monthly energy bill reduction when you upgrade to LED lighting

For more information regarding financial assistance call our toll-free number (855) GO2-LED2 (462-5332) EXT 706 or simply click HERE to send us a message and one of our team members will contact you.

Commercial Rebate Assistance

Ortiz LED Solutions is recognized as a PG&E Trade Pro and a Customer’s Authorized Agent with SCE. Most of our LED products qualify for a rebate with energy providers. We make the rebate application a simple one step process for our customers. Customers simply provide a copy of the first three pages of their PG&E utility bill of the location where the product will be installed. Ortiz LED Solutions will complete all of the paperwork and deduct the rebate total from the invoice total. We also work with businesses who wish to complete the rebate form themselves and offer guidance to help you discover all of the rebates available for your Commercial LED lighting project.
Contact us today to get started. Call our toll-free number (855) GO2-LED2 (462-5332) EXT 706 or simply click HERE to send us a message and have a team member contact you.

What our clients say? all testimonials

  • “Our office staff is thrilled with the new lighting! Wayne was so accommodating in minimizing interruptions to our on-going operation throughout the install.  A truly professional job.”

    Carol Capriotti – CEO, Creditors Bureau USA
  • “Above and beyond customer service oriented, proactive and efficient! We look forward to continuing our relationship into the bright future!”

    Lisa Massucco – Regional Manager Central California
  • “Once I saw the dramatic energy savings (67%) I engaged in a retro-fit of our offices. We completed an LED swap in our 4000 sq ft office in one weekend. It was a no brainer. The ROI is well under 24 months. Wayne and staff could not have done anything more to make this the very best project I have ever done. Months later – I am still smiling when I look up.”

    Kevin Weigant – Weikil LLC
  • “As one of the first school districts in California to take advantage of Prop. 39, we relied heavily on Ortiz LED Solutions. They didn’t disappoint! Wayne and Araceli were always there to help guide us in the right direction. From supplying quality products, to innovative new ideas, and personal, hands on demonstrations, our school district is saving energy and money!”


    Gary LeFevre – Senior Electrician, East Whittier City School District